2018 Mike Pero Club Points Championship

We are please to have Mike Pero on board with us for the 2018 championship. We will be giving away a set of Dunlop Tyres to one lucky racer that has pre-entered into each round of the championship.

Points are based on your Overall Result in every round (Point system explained at bottom of points table). You will have to Drop Your Worse Round at the end of the championship, so seven of your best results will count.

Rank Driver Rnd 1 Rnd 2 Rnd 3 Rnd 4 Rnd 5 Rnd 6 Rnd 7 Rnd 8 Total Final

Briggs Light

1Tony Dyer252322252325-25168146
2David Pinkerton232525232523-0144144
3Kennedy Stratford20222320022-23130130
4Ben Oliver2102022220-21106106
5Rob Frans0016171920-199191
6Cory Crossan000182019-227979
7Carey Burr222100210-06464
8Kerry Diamond182019000-05757
9Danny Frans001819018-05555
10Blake Greenfeild01900021-04040
11Louis Smith01717000-03434
12Hugo Smith01815000-03333
13Tim Evans0021000-02121
=Ben Stilborn0002100-02121
15Andrew Stratford000000-202020
16Derryn French1900000-01919
17Chris Murphy0000180-01818
=Clinton Cross000000-181818
19Ron O'Hara1700000-01717
=Saulo Camillo Nunes0000017-01717

Briggs Heavy

1Jason Richards2525250220-25122122
2Kerry Diamond000252525-229797
3Eddy Frans000222322-218888
4Kohn Whalon00023023-236969
5Peter Richardson23220000-04545
6Ryan Beattie0230000-02323
7Anton Rasmussen000000-202020

Rotax Max Light

1Grant Kugener0250252523-09898
2Charlie Benson023232200-05858
3Darryl Wehner00023025-04848
4Ben McConochie0025000-02525
5Darren Claridge0000022-02222

Rotax Max Heavy

1Kevin Barker19232525230-22137137
2Bryce Borlase20022232525-21136136
3Kyle Rankin182517222122-23148131
4Derryn French01920212021-20121121
5Kayden Richards2120160190-179393
6Duncan Barrett232121000-188383
7Marty Marshall220230220-06767
8Darryl Wehner252215000-06060
9Matthew Jack171819000-05454
10Ben Stilborn17000023-194242
11Alistair McFadzien0018000-01818

Junior Rotax

1Bo Hill000252525-25100100
2Sam Lightowlers21250000-04646
3Dominic Robertson2500000-02525
4Louise Gridley000000-232323
=Zac Christensen2300000-02323
6Liam Pink2200000-02222

Vortex Mini Rok

1Ollie Workman212325252525-25169148
2Maia Nicholson202223232323-23157137
3Bo Hill25250000-05050
4Louis Sharp2300000-02323
5Louise Gridley2200000-02222

Cadet Rok

1Laylah Nicholson192022212525-23155136
2Bentley Kemp2321232200-08989
3Lochy McGregor252502300-07373
=Arthur Brougham023252500-07373
5Zach Tucker20220000-04242
6Riley Greig000000-252525
6Izaak Fletcher2200000-02222
7Sam Knight2100000-02121

*Points are based on your overall result in each round. Points go for finishing 1st 25, 2nd 23, 3rd 22, 4th 21, 5th 20... etc. Please note also that Only Kartsport Nelson club members will receive club points trophies at the end of the championship.

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