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2018 Insite Sunbelt Sprint Champs


Current entry list as of 29th May 2018 - Total 94 Entries

To enter online Click Here - To download entry form Click Here

*The Insite Sunbelt Sprint Championship is also round 1 & 2 of the 2018 Properly Plastered Mainland Series but requires a separate entry form to enter the series, to download one Click Here

All Junior classes must have a "Push Back (None Cone) Bumper" for this event, Senior classes do not need one.

Cadet Rok (13)

Jacob Earley Southland MS CRok
Oakley Muir Dunedin MS CRok
Arthur Broughan Marlborough MS CRok
Izaak Fletcher Canterbury MS CRok
Marco Manson Mt Wellington - CRok
Kohen Thompson Westland MS CRok
Bentley Kemp Nelson MS CRok
Josh Milne Canterbury MS CRok
Lochy McGregor Nelson MS CRok
Sam Knight Canterbury MS CRok
Zavier Harvey Canterbury MS CRok
Zach Tucker Canterbury MS CRok
Laylah Nicholson Nelson - CRok

Vortex Mini Rok (14)

William Neale Canterbury MS VMR
Aydin Murdock Canterbury MS VMR
Ollie Workman Nelson MS VMR
Alex Crosbie Southland MS VMR
Scott McLaren Canterbury MS VMR
Sebastian Manson Mt Wellington - VMR
Chris White Canterbury MS VMR
Maia Nicholson Nelson - VMR
Daniel Kelly Canterbury - VMR
James Black Dunedin MS VMR
Louis Sharp Canterbury MS VMR
Ben Schelp Canterbury - VMR
BlakeKnowles Canterbury MS VMR
Johan Roberts Canterbury - VMR

Junior Rotax Max (17)

Dominic Robertson Nelson MS JMax
Bo Hill Nelson MS JMax
Sam Bugler Marlborough - JMax
Callissa Campbell Dunedin MS JMax
Taylor Gray Southland MS JMax
Liam Pink Canterbury MS JMax
William Exton Marlborough MS JMax
Zac Christensen Canterbury MS JMax
Fynn Osborne Hamilton - JMax
Clay Osborne Hamilton - JMax
Alex Patrick Dunedin MS JMax
Logan Thompson Southland MS JMax
Jacob Douglas Canterbury MS JMax
Ethan Tuffley Southland MS JMax
Findlay Dixon Southland MS JMax
Adam Godwin Canterbury MS JMax

Rotax Max Light (16)

Jack McLaren Canterbury MS RL
Jack Noble-Adams Canterbury MS RL
Oscar Noble-Adams Canterbury MS RL
Andrew Broughton Marlborough MS RL
Thomas Emmerson Canterbury - RL
Cameron Hay Canterbury MS RL
Daryl Wehner Nelson - RL
Mike Peebles Dunedin - RL
Ben McConochie Canterbury MS RL
Cameron Edgar Dunedin MS RL
Caleb Huston Rotorua MS RL
Chris Cox Canterbury MS RL
Sam Van Der Byl Dunedin MS RL
Sam Waddell Bay Of Plenty - RL
ColeAskew Canterbury MS RL
Aleesha Morton Southland - RL

Rotax Max Heavy (17)

Kevin Barker Nelson MS RH
Sam O'Malley Canterbury MS RH
Darren Walker Bay Of Plenty - RH
Les Campbell Dunedin MS RHM
Kyle Hollingworth Nelson MS RH
Marty Marshall Canterbury - RHM
Neil Shearer Dunedin MS RHM
Kyle Rankin Nelson MS RH
Derryn French Nelson MS RHM
Ashton Baird Rotorua - RH
Peter Richardson Marlborough MS RHM
Kayden Richards Nelson MS RH
Duncan Barrett Nelson MS RH
Ian Carter Dunedin MS RHM
Bryce Borlase Nelson MS RHM
Arron Black Dunedin MS RH
Brendon Hart Manawatu - RHM

*We will be giving out trophies for 1st - 3rd for the Rotax Max Masters (Green plates only) So if you qualify please make sure you are running the green plate

Open (7)

Jack Noble-Adams Canterbury MS Open
Grant Kugener Nelson - Open
Shawn O'Hara Marlborough MS Open
Daniel Bugler Marlborough - Open
Chris Cox Canterbury MS Open
Marco Schelp Canterbury - Open
Kyle Dawson Southland - Open

Briggs Super 4s (10)

Stephen Topliss Canterbury MS BLight
Tony Dyer Nelson MS BLight
David Pinkerton Nelson - BLight
Tim Evans Marlborough MS BLight
Blake Greenfield Marlborough MS BLight
Carey Burr Nelson MS BLight
Nathan Clive Canterbury MS BHeavy
Jason Richards Nelson MS BHeavy
Kerry Diamond Nelson MS BHeavy
Neil Butts Marlborough - BHeavy

Vintage Karts (0)