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Online Entries Have Arrived

Kartsport Nelson now has online entries available for all Kartsport NZ members that wish to enter our events here in Nelson.

This is great for our club, keeping up with the times and it will save everyone time at race events, so we can streamline the entry process.

It is a fact that not everyone likes change and we will still have the "old school" way of entering race events on the day, but why not give it a try to see if you like it. Normally the reason why people don't like change is because they don't understand how it works or are to scared to try it.

Because of this I have made a step by step guide to lead you through the process and the more you do it the easier it will become.

Event Registration - Step by step guide

1. Go to http://www.kartsport-online.co.nz/login.asp or click on the link in the events page.

2. Log in - If this is your first time logging in to this page you will need to register and set up a password. To find your "member code" it is in the top left hand corner on the first page of your KSNZ Licence Log Book. Once you have setup for password you are now OK to log in.

3. You will now be in your profile "Home Page" with lots of information and options to do with your Kartsport NZ Licence. To enter the upcoming race meeting in Nelson, or any other race meeting for that matter click on "Events"

4. Please select the race meeting you would like to enter by clicking on the "Magnified Glass" next to the event.

5. Event Registrations / Purchases - Please select the class you wish to enter by clicking on the "Shopping Kart"

6. Event Registrations / Kart No. - Enter your kart number you wish to race, and push "Accept"

7. Event Registrations / Purchases - Now click on "View Kart" on the right hand side.

8. Shopping Kart - Double check you have entered the right class, and then click "Go To Checkout"

9. Checkout - Tick the Indemnity, Supplementary Rules and T's & C's, then click "Purchase"

10. Invoicing - Enter your name and address, then click "Complete Purchase"

11. Payment - To complete the payment, click on "POLI Internet Banking" and follow the payment process.

You are now entered into the race event. There will be no indemnity to sign at the track on race day and we will have pre printed scrutineering cards with all your details on it, so they just collect your own personal card and take it to scrutineering and to licence check

*Sorry, this is not available for Bucket Bikes or non Kartsport NZ licence holders