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Caleb Russ Has Traded Stockcars For Karts


It was a cold and wet day for round four of the Signshop Nelson club points championship in Appleby at the weekend.

But that didn't worry former speedway racer Caleb Russ one little bit. He is used to the slippy conditions after racing on the dirt in his stockcar, but he's stepped away from the stockcar this year and in to a kart, now racing in the Rotax Heavy class.

He showed everyone in the field at The Hits Mike Pero Kart Raceway how it should be done and went on to win the round from Kevin Barker who has won the last three rounds this season.

Brandon Dove has had little experience racing in the wet conditions as this was the first wet race day in about two years. But Dove went onto win the Rotax Light class ahead of points leader Ben Stilborn and Brodie Downing who finished third.

Racing in the new 4-stroke Briggs class, Tony Dyer again dominated the field to win all but one race after his chain come off in the final. Points leader Ben Oliver picked up the pieces to take the race but was only good enough to finish second overall behind Dyer with Brain Lotter rounding out the podium.

Bo Hill has just returned home from a fantastic third placing at the New Zeland schools championship in Taranaki a few weeks ago. Hill, who was 3nz in the Cadet Rok, was only one point off winning the event but was pushed back to third on count back. He has now made the move up to the Vortex Mini Rok class in a new chassis and went on to win the wet Nelson event from Josh Bradley and Louise Gridley.

Ollie Workman also attend the NZ schools championship and finished 12th at his first national level event. Workman is now racing the ex-3nz chassis of Hill and he went on to win the Cadet Rok class extending his lead in the championship.

Charlie Benson, in the Junior Rotax class, was hoping the track was going to dry out as his only tyre choice was slicks. He battled all day to finish second behind Pip Coakley who has now moved up to second in the championship.