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Strong Year ahead Set For Nelson Karting

Strong Year ahead Set For Nelson Karting


With the 2016 season just about to start, karting in the Nelson is looking to become one of the biggest and best years yet. There's been alot of hard work in the club over the past 6 months to change the vibe and the way we do things. All of this hard work seems to be paying off as we have seen a raise in membership and a new positive feeling back in the club. We are seeing a return of old and new members into the sport, which can only mean one thing.

One of the reasons is the introduction to a brand new club class with Briggs & Stratton. This class has only been in New Zealand for a few weeks and is growing rapidly fast, with it forecast to be one of the biggest classes by the end of the year. The reason why this class is going to be so successful is because you get great bang for your buck. Its a entry level class into karting which is very cheap and produces very close racing.

Mike Pero Real Estate along with The Hits 89.6 are our track naming sponsors this year. Also we have a whole range of new sponsors on board with us for 2016, which means we can give something back to the "racer". Each round of The Sign-shop Club Points we will be giving away a brand new set of tries, and we now have a $1500 starting prize pool for the Super Liquor Jason Richards GP later in the year.

For more about the briggs & stratton class Click Here