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The New Briggs & Stratton Class Is Here


The New Briggs & Stratton Class Is Here

Kartsport welcomes the NEW Briggs and Stratton class to New Zealand. The class is designed as a entry level into Kartsport or even just a class for the "budget racer". These new engines are 4 stroke and capable of doing up to 300 racing hours with needing a rebuild so therefore makes this the cheapest form of racing.

Nelson is the only city in the country that has two authorized Briggs & Stratton dealerships to choose from.

Gridley Kart Supplies

Gridley Kart Supplies have a kart available to test drive now. They also do "Arrive and Drive" packages on race days.

Contact Brendon Gridley for more details on 0275472341

GK Karts

GK Karts also have engines available and are based in the Richmond Auto Electrical (RAE) store 64 Beach RD, Richmond

Contact Grant Kugener on (03) 544 6782